Who We Are

Our Mission

Is to help SaaS and IT services companies realize their sales potential in foreign markets. Consistently.

We are here to help you put in place a proven structured sales process to grow your out-bound generated leads, reduce your sales cycles, position better your value proposition in foreign markets, help your team close more & faster, expose you to more funding.

What's unique about us

We’ve been bringing innovation in sales to tech companies for the last 5 years, with 10-year hands-on experience.

We don’t work with just any company. We work with companies that have a strong value proposition to scale into other markets and are open to adapt to the fast-paced world of sales in the Saas/IT field.

In turn, we bring a structured sales process that’s proven to work for Silicon Valley unicorns and well-established IT services companies. We adapt it to the nuanced realities of the fragmented European markets, to help you increase relevant KPIs and sales for sustainable growth.

Our Added Value for you

We help you gear your company towards the most efficient way to increase the MMR & net revenue by:

  • ACQUISITION of net new customers in new markets
  • MONETIZATION of your value proposition
  • RETENTION in the long term of your newly acquired customers