Your electric last mile delivery partner

41% net CO2 emissions reduction in spain

We offer a 100% electric e-van fleet, all of our services are fossil fuel free. The production and exploitation of our e-vans ensures you reduce carbon emissions on your deliveries by at least 41% each time you deliver with us.

Smart delivery optimization

While we help you deliver faster and greener, we also leverage technology to optimize these deliveries. Our time series based algorithms ensure we optimize the routes and drop off times.

specialized in electric in-city last mile deliveries

Cities introduce more and more stringent regulations on fossil fuel traffic. Our e-vans can circulate freely and everywhere in major Spanish cities to deliver your packages. We can park where we need and use bus lanes.

electrification in spain

To charge our e-vans in the fleet, we leverage our own charger stations infrastructure, also taking advantage of the existing one. Our processes ensure the e-vans are always fully operational and we adapt to our customers' needs.

Frequently asked questions

If you don’t take action NOW, you’ll miss out on shaping the future of last mile deliveries with fully electric e-vans. You run the risk of not delivering in certain CO2 emissions-free city areas. You won’t be able to tell all your customers, you’re driving a green initiative to reduce your fuel impact on the city by 41%. Finally, you risk your competition getting into e-delivery faster.

We calculate the overall consumption of manufacturing needed to produce and exploit our e-vans. In Spain, it is  58,66% per each e-van.

So, the off set of such production and use against the CO2 emissions during the process of making our e-vans is 41% per each delivery.

We operate in all major cities in Spain.

Easy, it usually takes us up to a month or two (depending on the city) to set up the first in-city e-deliveries for you!

Greener Mile Team

Hubert has a combined 12 years of experience in logistics, clean tech, e-mobility and electrification projects. Hubert has been an advisor to many clean tech start-ups before
co-founding Greener Mile SL.
Hubert Kucharski
Co-Founder & CEO
A highly motivated and results-oriented salesperson with over 11-year experience in logistics. Proven track record of delivering good service to a range of customers. His networking abilities and exp. help clients achieve growth and innovation goals.
Fernando Sardo
Co-Founder & CRO